BPSDM of South Sulawesi Province will manage online journals as a forum for Widyaiswara in particular, and for ASN in general to publish their scientific works in the form of journal articles. The online journal that will be managed is JOURNAL SIPATOKKONG BPSDM SULSEL.

Sipatokkong is the nature of working together. Sipatokkong literally means standing together. Just a small example, Bugis people in doing a job must be done together. Heavy work when done together will feel lighter. Sipatokkong means, upholding each other. But the meaning is, to be upright so that they can stand firmly and stand majestically on the earth of life. In another sense, sipatokkong can also be interpreted as helping each other. Help each other to our brothers and sisters who are in trouble or who are in need of help. Therefore, the word Sipatokkong was chosen as the name of the journal to be managed because it is in accordance with the spirit of the BPSDM of South Sulawesi Province, namely "together" creating a highly competent apparatus.


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